ARAI AIS 140 GPS APPROVED GPS Tracking Devices

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ARAI AIS 140 GPS APPROVED GPS Tracking Devices

Gps vehicle tracking system in gurgaon

Activesolution is a leading GPS based Fleet Tracking solutions provider providing end to end solutions which helps you monitor and regulate your vehicle. Makes it easier for you to locate and track any vehicle any time.

We have a wide range of world-class ARAI, and AIS 140 GPS approved GPS tracking devices which adds value to our clients for having a high grade and reliable device making it easier and these devices are being mandatory to be installed in all public passengers vehicle from 1 April 2019 so grab the opportunity and make your business bigger.

Our GAGAN-01 certified GPS tracker will be fully compatible with India tracks Cloud Platform for tracking and monitoring vehicles. Thus, Fleet Operators can quickly deploy the entire solution and the time to go-to-market is drastically reduced. Activesolution offers anti-theft device solutions for verticals such as Logistics and Transportation, Mining, School and Employee Transport, Oil & Gas, Fleet Management, and Intelligent Transport Systems for Smart cities like New Delhi NCR, Noida, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Pune, Bangalore, Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur, kolkata, Chattisgarh , Chandigarh, Punjab, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Nagpur, Lucknow, Kanpur,Kerala, Prayagraj, Allahabad, Uttarakhand, Dehradun, Manali, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Roorkee, Jammu Kashmir, Sri Nagar, Pulwama, kargil, MP and all over in India.

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Some of the key features and specification of GAGAN-01 ARAI, IRNSS Certified AIS 140 GPS APPROVED GPS Tracking Devices are:

live location

Live Location Tracking

Real-time tracking with GEO fencing.
over speed alerts

Over Speed

Get Over Speed Alerts on Your Smartphone.


Get powerful insights with Geofence Analytics: know how much time you spent at client location.
voice monitoring

Voice Monitoring

You Can Listen Vehicle Inside Voice Two Way Communication.
AIS 140 GPS Gagan 01
sos emergency


Professional Commerical Emergency Button.
embedded sim cards

SIM Card

Multi-Operator Embedded SIM Card.
personal tracking device gorgaon delhi ncr

History View

Entire data of vehicle history is available base on aunaly monthly weekly and daily. Select any of your fleet to view.
live location

Award Winning Battery

Inbuilt Strong Battery Backup (1100 mAh).

Features to look for in an AIS 140 GPS Certified

GSM interference detection- Nobody likes to lose the signal. Sometimes, this happens for natural reasons, like an entrance in a tunnel under a mountain and other times it happens due to someone's bad intentions. When done on purpose, special GPS Trackers approved by AIS 140 that generate noise in the GSM frequency bands by the best AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers are used. With the signal stuck, the driver can divert the vehicle from the route with the help of AIS 140 Standard GPS and act according to its own purpose without the company discovering it. Or even worse - it can be done by criminals who try to steal the load or vehicle. Therefore, the AIS 140 GPS device manufacturers in Delhi, India ensure that all AIS 140 GPS device trackers must have a feature that informs managers when such GSM interference occurs.

Parameters of Eco-Driving: Fuel costs and vehicle wear are important for fleets of all types and sizes; reducing both leads to lower operating costs and higher profits. The only guaranteed way to achieve both is to implement Eco-Driving in your fleet. In general, to implement Eco-Driving, companies need more advanced AIS 140 device since the required data is collected. However, standard Government Approved GPS trackers can also acquire the same data, less RPM and data related to cruise control, via GPS or accelerometer.

Trailer Detection: The most surprising feature of AIS 140 Certification is rapidly gaining popularity in some regions is the detection of towing. When a vehicle is towed, the AIS 140 Certified GPS sends notifications to the manager and the driver, so they can take action before it is too late and the vehicle is towed; although this applies mainly to light commercial vehicles.

Our GAGAN-01 certified AIS 140 standard GPS tracker device with emergency SOS panic button has been proudly designed, developed, and manufacturers in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bhopal and all over india

  • GAGAN-01 Approved by The Indian Government Anti-Theft Device Certified By IRNSS ARAI, ICAT and DIMS.
  • Who Needs AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracker?

    bus tracking system


    • State transport undertakings - Intercity & Intracity
    • Private bus driver - Intercity & Intracity
    car tracking system in delhi ncr


    • Cash vans and taxi fleet owners or drivers
    • Rental taxis drivers
    • Taxi service providers
    • Self-driven vehicle rental operators
    van tracking system in delhi ncr


    • Schools, Colleges and Private Institutional (including corporate) bus drivers

    Activesolution demonstrated top of the range AIS 140 GPS Device in Delhi, consistence gadget which can give exact and continuous following for the vehicles which are exact and solid. These GPS devices work with universal innovation and pursue the code of GAGAN (India's very own route framework) to give the exact outcomes. This GPS device is likewise precise in breaking down the driver conduct which thusly improves the effectiveness of the whole transport framework and our AIS 140 GPS device certified by IRNSS ARAI, ICAT and DIMS.

    Active allows you to track vehicle location instantly to better improve chances of recovering your car

    Car Monitoring

    Our GPS tracking devices for cars provide a wealth of information you can use to improve your business. When you track your company cars, you receive regular updates on vehicle location, speed and direction of travel. In addition to tracking your employees, this information can be used for planning and coordination purposes, boosting your ability to serve customers in the best way possible

    Truck Monitoring

    Track Your Truck's truck tracking systems have the right technology and equipment to make it easier than ever for fleet management professionals to effectively cut costs and improve service. Track Your Truck’s system allows fleet managers to observe vehicles remotely, receiving information about vehicle location, direction of travel and status of unit. Historically

    Ambulance Monitoring

    Ambulance tracking software allows you to monitor your fleet and equipment anywhere an Internet connection exists. Track Your Ambulance tracking provides detailed, accurate reporting, giving you peace of mind and quick-find ability so you can better manage your business at a lower cost.Manage your costly equipment, increase profits and protect your vital tools with an effective GPS trailer tracker system

    Bus Monitoring

    An advanced bus tracking system from Activeindia lets you know where your buses are, when they will arrive at certain stops and even how fast they are traveling. With the detailed reporting capabilities of the right tracking system, you can provide outstanding customer service and improve efficiency, profitability, safety and security. GPS bus tracking systems from Activeindia are an essential component of the modern public transportation system

    Employee Monitoring

    With advancement in technology, the necessity for bringing in all employees under one roof is fast reducing. While many companies are encouraging work from home, others send their employees on site for work. This kind of work culture seen in the software and IT-based companies is not new. Construction companies, oil rigs, marketing agencies, technical service providers, and many other enterprises work with field employees. There are even cases when team members and manager will just have virtual meets for months.

    Mobile Monitoring

    GPS Phone Tracker is created for tracking phone location and informing people about reliable phone tracking solutions. The greatest advantage is you can track your friends, kids or spouse without any doubt with phone tracker app. This app lets you track cell phones without them knowing and helps people to see exact location of another phones


    Real Time Vehicles Tracking

    Excessive idling directly impacts the Kilometres per litre (KPL) ratio and ultimately adds up the cost of doing business.The fuel usage can be reduced up to 15% if idling is controlled. Redundant idling can also damage engine components including cylinders, spark plugs and exhaust systems apart from fuel wastage

    Speeding vehicles above apt limits tends to increase consumption of fuel for every Kilometre travelled which on the contrary has an adverse impact on the fuel efficiency.Driving at excessive speed adds to the risk of meeting with an accident on account of which the vehicle safety is endangered.

    car bike tracker india
    mobile booster delhi ncr

    Active Solution India

    Play Back History Reports

    Fleet managers can keep a track of idle time and over speeding of the vehicle i.e. vehicles exceeding a pre-set threshold. Then there can be comparison of idle time and the amount of fuel consumed between equivalently operated vehicles. Apart from that, monitoring Kilometres per Litre (KPL) averages of vehicle can reflect how implementation of vehicle tracking solution deter speeding and idling. Installing vehicle trackers boosts drivers to be more answerable and to practice safer driving habits. Once the employees are aware that their driving, speed and gas mileage are being tracked and monitored, greater care of the company vehicle usage will be taken

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    Awesome Mobile Tracking apps.





    Map View



    Play Back



    Km. Meter


    Our Product

    We provide reporting and alerting on all of the common vehicle tracking metrics

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